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The US elections and the need to bridge the Great Divide

November 9, 2016


People Stand On The Berlin Wall

In WWII, fighting for Freedom, Liberty and Dignity was hard yet those who chose these ideals were in the same side against tyranny and oppression.

Then the Cold War divided this side in two. And one November 9, 1989, East Germany opened the Berlin Wall.

Nowadays, we have calls for building new ones…

Today, the world is witnessing a great divide as to the means to reach such ideals. France, Italy, the U.K., the US, the MENA area and the rest of the world are internally and deeply divided on what constitutes progress, dignity and freedom.

Waking up this morning in Washington DC, first came shock and bewilderment. Then comes the realization that some of us lived in a bubble.. So many milestones we thought achieved and unquestioned.

The old Continent have witnessed also in the last ten years a crumbling economy, a refugee crisis and security concerns which brought  waves of nationalistic and xenophobic outbursts.  France’s Presidential Elections will be held in April 2017.  Now that we know the threat is real, Marine Le Pen should not get pass the first round. She is doing well on the polls and should not be taken lightly.

Italy’s 2017 elections seem to also carry its share of unexpected twists. The Movimento 5 Stelle popular rise in Italy is seen as the favoured anti-establishment with its guru used to be a comedian turned recently politician. An Italian journalist compared the 2017 elections to that of 1948 at the early signs of the Cold War when “the Italian people faced the choice to join the West and the liberal capitalistic model with its US stamp or the East popular communist model with the Soviet stamp.”

Around the world, there is a level of frustration amongst part of the electorate that feels left out. The workers who feel they got stuck in the industrial era and find it difficult to join the technological era where the rest of us seem to find their place. They feel forgotten and undesirable. The uneducated who lack opportunities to know better. There is also those who fear change so they prefer to go back on time nurturing some nostalgia to an authentic sense of identity and belonging that they cannot find in today’s society. So they vote against the establishment. No point being in denial, there is a great divide and the gap is widening cause we did not want to see it. We just did not believe it to be possible. We took it all for granted.

As Hal Holbrook said “A man looks in the abyss. There is nothing staring back at him. At that moment man finds his character and that is what keeps him out of the abyss.”

It is time for all of us to find the true strength of our moral character. Time again to fight, yes from scratch, for our most basic and fundamental rights and ideals. Time to bridge this great divide that tears our societies apart. This might be the time we do our part and give the future generations the example, that our generation did not just relish in the accomplishments of past generations. That we the people also fought to make sure they have a better tomorrow.

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